A little about our roasters...

 Each month we will feature four coffees from our fabulous roasting partners.  Check in here for more about their coffees, their story and much more! 


What will you enjoy with your brew?

Biscotti? Cookies?  Stroopies?  We all have that special something we love to enjoy with our coffee.  That's why each subscription box comes with a treat for you to enjoy with your fresh cup of joe!

This month's treat

 Stroopies are back!  And now available half-dipped in Wilbur Chocolate!!  A Stroopie is a Dutch stroopwafel, that is made locally in Lancaster. It is a cinnamon cookie, made with a waffle iron with a layer of homemade caramel in the inside. Traditionally, the Stroopie is placed on top of your hot beverage to rewarm. It is also great with ice cream!